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Pocket Farms is a micro-farm cultivating your community by connecting neighbors and growers through good food. We use bio-intensive and small space growing practices on several plots that are less than an acre to produce highly nutritious and seasonal vegetables, herbs, and flowers. Our CSA members have the unique opportunity to see how their food is being grown and to be involved in their own food source. Become a CSA member now!

Pocket Farms encourages interaction between members, neighbors, and other local growers around recipes, seasonal celebrations, and getting our hands dirty.

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Your Farmer

Meet your farmer, Allyson:

I grew up gardening in the suburbs of DC, where you hardly ever come in contact with a farmer or even your own food source. Agriculture first caught my eye while in college, in a farming internship class. I learned the value of growing your own food, building soil health, and the wholeness you feel when eating foods while they are in-season. After working on farms in Scotland and the Netherlands, and running an Urban Farm in Washington D.C. I wanted to bring these values back home.

I created Pocket Farms to become less reliant on the commercial food system, and to serve my community the best way I know how; to give you access to seasonal, local food. My goal is to strengthen our community around food, while bridging the gap between growers and eaters. I hope you will join me!



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